Bio Probes 51
(August 2006)
In this issue: a complete, integrated solution for your DNA, RNA, and protein quantitation needs; how to sift through the options for primary and secondary antibody detection; a rundown of 100 lipid probes for membrane research; and more than 250 other products for applications in immunodetection, flow cytometry, and imaging analysis.
Download the entire BioProbes 51 publication (PDF, 1.79MB) or the individual sections below.

Table of Contents

A guide to antibody labeling and detection: how to sift through the options for primary and secondary antibody detection and choose the solution that best fits your experiments.   
Journal Highlight 
Examining the role of developmental asymmetry in the formation of heart defects.  
Imaging Analysis 
Reagents and assays for high-content screening: tools for image segmentation and assays for cytotoxic effects on lipid metabolism.

Injectable contrast reagents for in vivo imaging: SAIVI™ Alexa Fluor® Injectable Contrast Agents are powerful tools for vascular imaging.  
DNA, RNA, and Protein Quantitation 
The Qubit™ Quantitation Platform: a complete, integrated solution for all your lab quantitation needs.  
Enzyme Assays 
Develop your own fluorescence-based ELISA: you provide the primary capture and detection antibodies—we supply the rest.  
Flow Cytometry 
Analyzing cell culture health and concentration: mix, incubate, and read reagents allow you to identify and enumerate stressed cell populations.

Multicolor immunodetection using the violet laser: violet-excited dyes and Qdot® reagents for multicolor applications.  
Cell Biology 
Tools for membrane research: expanding applications for lipid probes