BioProbes 54
(October 2007)
Cover story:
How much time and effort would you save if one label worked for multiple detection methods? With TC-FlAsH™ TC-ReAsH™ tetracysteine (TC) reagents, you don't have to wonder anymore.

Articles in NEW TECHNOLOGIES describe our latest products, including Click-iT™ EdU cell proliferation assays for multiple platforms, new PLA1- and PLA2-specific substrates, and more.

Articles in PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS give you in-depth product information, including new data describing the use of quantum dots as replacements for tandem dyes in flow cytometry; quantitating site-specific protein phosphorylation using phosphoELISA™ assays; an overview of fluorescent calcium indicators for in vivo imaging of neuronal networks; and others.

And check out our DEPARTMENTS for the latest web tools and published papers, a first look at our newest products, articles written by our readers, and much more.

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Table of Contents

PDF 20x20The TC-FlAsH™ TC-ReAsH™ protein detection choice:
  • See your protein, your way
PDF 20x20Improved results are just a click away:
  • Accurate cell proliferation data with Click-iT™ EdU
PDF 20x20Phospholipase activity detection from A to D:
  • New PLA1- and PLA2-specific substrates
PDF 20x20Quantum dots as replacements for tandem dyes in flow cytometry:
  • Efficient excitation using violet and UV lasers
PDF 20x20Mitochondria and cardiac disorders:
  • Antibodies against proteins in the oxidative phosphorylation system/a>
PDF 20x20Identifying Alzheimer's disease biomarkers from human brain tissue:
  • Antibody bead-based assays for the Luminex® xMAP® platform
PDF 20x20Measuring proteins in JAK-STAT signaling:
  • Quantitate site-specific protein phosphorylation using phosphoELISA™ assays
PDF 20x20Fluorescent calcium indicators for in vivo imaging of neuronal networks:
  • Images from deep within the nervous system
PDF 20x20O-GlcNAc: Hiding in plain sight:
  • An enigma of glycobiology
  • The use of Qdot® nanocrystals in flow cytometry
  • Ian Dimmick, Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager, North East England Stem Cell Institute, Bioscience Centre, International Centre for Life, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Great Britain
  • New web tools and resources to further your research
  • Highlighting our newest products and technologies
  • How researchers are using Invitrogen™ cellular analysis reagents