What is PubGo?

PubGo is a plug-in for use with Adobe® Reader®/Acrobat® software that is designed to complement your publication-reading experience by providing additional information about products that are mentioned in the publication. The first time you download the plug-in, you will be asked to associate PubGo with your active versions of Adobe® Reader® or Adobe® Acrobat® software.

After you’ve done this, each time you open a pdf the tool will automatically run in the background, identifying related products where appropriate. For Life Technologies products, you will be presented with links to product detail pages and, in some cases, more information about the product. 

PubGo enables researchers to discover products and reproduce experiments with minimal effort


  • Quickly identify relevant products and related material (e.g., product protocols, prices, alternate sizes)
  • Easily find replacement products when reading an older paper that cites a no-longer-available product
  • Immediately access many current product promotions