Organism Type Insect Derived from Drosophila (fruit fly) embryo; doubling time is 20 to 24 hours. These cells are also known as S2 or SL2 cells. These cells can be grown in serum-supplemented or serum-free media in both adherent or suspension conditions. ATCC CRL-1963
Tissues Embryo
Phenotype Either
Primary no
Application Cell Culture / Growth Conditions,Nucleic Acid Purification,Protein Expression,RNAi,Transient Transfection


Sku Name Size Price Qty
10687010 Hygromycin B (50 mg/mL) 20 mL USD 169.00
K412001 DES®-Inducible Kit with pCoHygro 1 kit USD 1,454.00
K412501 DES® TOPO® TA Expression Kit 20 reactions USD 698.00
K413001 DES®-Inducible/Secreted Kit with pCoHygro 1 kit USD 1,468.00
K414001 DES® BioEase™ Kit with pCoBlast 20 reactions USD 1,494.00
K512001 DES®-Inducible Kit with pCoBlast 1 kit USD 1,470.00
K513001 DES®-Inducible/Secreted Kit with pCoBlast 1 kit USD 1,468.00
K515001 DES®-Blasticidin Support Kit 1 kit USD 890.00
R21001 Blasticidin S HCl, powder 50 mg USD 172.00
V411020 pAc5.1/V5-His A, B, & C 20 µg USD 650.00
V412020 pMT/V5-His A, B, & C Drosophila Expression Vectors 20 µg USD 664.00

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