Organism Type Rat Insulin secreting beta cell derived line.
Tissues Pancreas
Phenotype Adherent
Primary no
Application Cell Culture / Growth Conditions,Stable Cell Transfection,Transient Transfection


Catalog # Name Size List Price (USD) Qty
10687010 Hygromycin B (50 mg/mL) 20 mL 169.00
11875085 RPMI 1640 Medium 1,000 mL 34.70
11875093 RPMI 1640 Medium 500 mL 21.65
11875101 RPMI 1640 Medium 100 mL 9.55
K650001 Flp-In™ T-REx™ Core Kit 1 kit 1,524.00
R21001 Blasticidin S HCl, powder 50 mg 172.00
R25001 Zeocin™ Selection Reagent 8 x 1.25 mL 216.00
R25005 Zeocin™ Selection Reagent 50 mL 792.00
V602220 pFRT/lacZeo2 Vector 20 µg 490.00

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