Z-stack image of mouse intestine captured on EVOS® FL Auto

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Sku Name Size Price Qty
AMAFD1000 EVOS® FL Auto Imaging System 1 each Request a Quote  
AMEP4650 EVOS® Light Cube, DAPI 1 each USD 2,300.00
AMEP4651 EVOS® Light Cube, GFP 1 each USD 2,300.00
AMEP4655 EVOS® Light Cube, Texas Red® 1 each USD 2,500.00
AMEP4694 EVOS® 60X Oil Objective, apochromat, coverslip-corrected 1 each USD 5,908.00
F24631 FluoCells® Prepared Slide #4 (mouse intestine section with Alexa Fluor® 350 WGA, Alexa Fluor® 568 Phalloidin, and SYTOX® Green) 1 each USD 191.00

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