Release Notes: 3 April 2014 (REV 26049)

Announcing EVOS® FL Auto Software Revision 1.5.1

Revision 1.5.1 fixes bugs that impacted autofocus in scan and time-lapse modes. It also adds enhanced image visualization and editing tools, which are particularly valuable for time-lapse applications.

Download and review the Installation Instructions before updating your software.

New features

Time lapse

  • Dropping objective turret option
    • Option to drop the objective turret when moving between regions of interest (ROI) during time-lapse in autofocus mode, or keep the objective in the focal plane when moving between ROI. Select the desired option by using a button on the main Settings page.

Visualization tools

  • Time-lapse player
    • Easily navigate to any point in an experiment (channel, time, beacon, z-plane).
    • Play through Z and T with adjustable frame rates without creating and saving a movie.

Edit tools

  • Z-stack and time-lapse movie creation
    • Enables post-acquisition movie creation in Z-stack and time-lapse modes.
    • Allows user to define the first and last time point before creating a movie.
    • Gives user the ability to adjust the frame rate.
    • Gives user the ability to specify which Z-slice to use for the movie.

Onstage incubator

  • Water bath temperature offset
    • Water bath temperature offset with a range of –4°C to +2°C enables calibration of humidity levels to 80% to be reached under a broader range of ambient conditions
  • Incubation chamber temperature offset
    • Allows users to change the temperature offset by a range of +/–4°C, which enables users to fine-tune the actual temperature in a given spot or well of a vessel; a separate thermocouple (not provided) is required to measure the actual temperature

Minor corrected issues

  • System
    • Corrects inability to save error log and install software updates using USB 3.0 flash drive
  • Scanning and time-lapse
    • Fixes autofocus dropped during scans
    • Fixes issue of potential slow scanning or crash using the color camera
    • Fixes inability to update beacons in time lapse and restart after pause
    • Fixes a failure to set the Z-position of a beacon after pausing when a non-error XY oscillation has occurred
  • Objective dropping between time-lapse points
    • Fixes loss of focus following dropping of the objective turret when moving between regions of interest (ROI) in time-lapse mode. Following installation of this version and restarting the system, the default setting will be “Off” (i.e., the objective turret does not drop between time-lapse points).
  • Onstage incubator
    • Corrects a failure of previous software versions to correctly update the firmware. The Onstage Incubator firmware will be updated following installation of this version and restarting the system.

Software Update (REV 26049)

Download update (28.3MB)

Important installation instructions

  1. Insert fresh USB drive with at least 200 MB available space.
  2. Right-click “Download” link for Software Update.
  3. Select “Save Link as”.
    NOTE FOR INTERNET EXPLORER® BROWSER USERS: If the file name reads .zip, change to .amg
  4. Select USB Drive and press Save (File name should have an .amg extension).
  5. Plug USB flash drive into EVOS® FL Auto computer.
  6. Click System tab in EVOS® FL Auto software, and then select the Service tab.
  7. Click Update Software in the Service tab. A verification progress bar should appear.
  8. After file verification, an update permission dialog will pop up.
  9. Check the revision details and click Yes to start the update.
  10. A Windows® OS Setup dialog box will pop up. Click Next to proceed with software update.
  11. The screen will display the update progress. When the update is complete, the Windows® desktop will appear. Click the EVOS® FL Auto icon to start the software.