Obtain the information you need when running your Real-Time PCR or Digital PCR experiments. Browse through the applications below to get started, review common troubleshooting scenarios, and find helpful resources.

Real-Time PCR Basics Support
Support for each step of your qPCR experiment from reverse transcription and primer/probe design to gene expression analysis.

SNP Genotyping Support
Learn how to prepare your samples to detect polymorphisms, find the right SNP assay and analyze the results.

Copy Number Variation (CNV) Support
View information on determining and analyzing copy number changes due to gene deletion or duplication.

High Resolution Melt (HRM) Support
Access information about analyzing genetic variations through the dissociation of nucleic acid sequences via PCR.

Protein Thermal Shift Support
View tips and help for studying protein binding and stability changes using protein melt experiments.

TaqMan™ Protein Assay Support
Find information and help about analyzing protein-protein interactions through Taqman™ assays.

Gene Expression Support
Learn how to set up your gene expression assay and find suggestions for common amplification problems.

miRNA and pri-miRNA Support 
Find out how to design and run your pri-miRNA and microRNA assays.

Mutation Detection Support
Get help with assaying rare allele mutations using castPCR technology to determine mutation status.

Digital PCR Support
Obtain support on digital PCR from selecting chemistries to analyzing your data.

Pharmacogenomics Support
Learn about PGx experiments related to genetic variation and drug response.

TaqMan™ Primers and Probes Support
Access in-depth information about dyes, primers, probes, and quenchers for your qPCR experiment.

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