Cell Culture.

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Your research will only be as accurate and efficient as your cell culture. That's why groundbreaking researchers settle for nothing less than Gibco®. It could be the difference between publishing your results and reading someone else's. See all the Gibco® offers for mammalian cell culture or select from the products below.


Gibco® Products by Application

Mammalian Cell Culture

Gibco® media, sera, reagents & supplements for mammalian cell culture


Custom Gibco® cell culture media and services for developers and manufacturers of biologics

Insect Cell Culture

Superior media and reagents ranging from classical to serum- and protein-free formulations.

Protein Expression

Easy to use protein expression systems that deliver high protein yields for every downstream application

Stem Cell Culture

Gibco® cells, media, growth factors & supplements for stem cell culture

Primary Cell Culture

Primary cell culture systems optimized for
each cell type

Gibco® Cell Therapy Systems

Media, supplement, growth factor & cell
selection tools for cell therapy applications


Gibco® media & supplements optimized for clinical cytogenetic protocols

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 Cell Culture Resources

Have questions about GIBCO® media, cells, sera?  Having difficulty culturing your primary cells? Click below to access FAQs, protocols, selection guides, and troubleshooting assistance.

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