Novex® high-quality reagents and devices provide specific and sensitive purification, separation and detection of proteins while delivering unambiguous, clean results. These products are designed to achieve experimental accuracy and consistency as well as simplify and streamline the protein analysis workflow.

Popular Novex® products
Western Blot Analysis
Bolt Bis-Tris Plus Gels
DynaMag 2 Magnet
Luminex Protein Assays
Key Applications

Protein gels, electrophoresis chambers, gel stains, protein standards, and blotting products.

Prestained, unstained, and western blot standards; specialty ladders, IEF, and native protein markers.

Western blot transfer systems, antibodies, detection kits, membranes, buffers, and reagents.

Dynabeads® magnetic separation technology for immunoprecipitation (IP), Co-IP, and ChIP.

Changing the face of westerns
The 7-minute blot just got better

Protein Analysis Guide

Published, high-performance solutions across the breadth of protein detection, protein quantitation, and protein purification.

Protein Gel Selection Guide

Find the Novex®, Bolt®, or NuPAGE® gel that fits your separation task

Immunoprecipitation Selection Guide

See which Dynabeads® product is best for your IP or Co-IP experiment

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