AcroMetrix® R&D services consist of committed scientists who incorporate expertise in standards and controls manufacturing with research excellence and current good laboratory practices (cGLP). Among the matrices offered are synthetic CSF, EDTA plasma, liquid cytology preservative solution, bacterial matrix, citrate plasma, serum and filter paper, and FFPE. These matrices can be expanded to meet most customer needs.

Custom projects from AcroMetrix® R&D services can help accelerate development processes for assay manufacturers, reference labs, and large or small hospital labs, and can support feasibility testing, beta testing, proof-of-concept studies, and other specialized needs. These exploratory, custom quality controls are offered in small-scale quantities for a quick turnaround time.

AcroMetrix® R&D services are:

  • Reliable— products are prepared in a cGLP environment
  • Highly Flexible— a willingness to explore beyond our current capabilities
  • Speed— short turnaround time of 2–-4 weeks

AcroMetrix® R&D services maintain an active pipeline of new products and technologies. As a result, the possibilities for R&D services are not restricted to the current targets and matrices available in our catalog.

Examples of product offerings developed specifically from R&D services include:

  • KRAS FFPE sensitivity controls
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS) controls

If you are interested in speaking with us about partnership opportunities, beta-products, or our Contract Manufacturing services, please email