My Laboratory is a secure cloud-based information management tool that captures a wide variety of critical laboratory information that is utilized throughout the functional modules of the EZQC™ Online tool and serves as a historical resource for the lab.

Testing information specific to each lab is saved and includes aspects from the lab’s molecular workflows such as assays, reagent lots, instrumentation, calibration dates, sample input volumes, and extraction elution volumes. All three modules of the EZQC™ Online tool pull information from My Laboratory—eliminating the need to re-enter information each time a new function is used within EZQC™ modules. The guidelines that the lab adheres to are selected in My Laboratory, saving the lab time when setting validation or verification parameters with the EZValidation™ module. After completing studies the protocols, data analysis, and final reports are all saved in one online place that can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

My Laboratory is also a guide to the lab to indicate which AcroMetrix® quality control (QC) materials are available in your region.

Even laboratory personnel information, such as names and job roles for the various operators, technicians, supervisors, managers, and other staff, can be saved in the database. In future investigations or audits, My Laboratory can be quickly and easily accessed for historical laboratory information.

My Laboratory can bring to your lab:

  • Cloud-based data storage—allowing secure access from anywhere at any time
  • Quick and easy data retrieval of reports—useful during an audit, inspection, certification, or any other compliance purpose
  • Convenient and immediate access to various historical data

My Laboratory is intended to assist laboratories in meeting their compliance requirements. Each laboratory is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable international, national, and local clinical laboratory regulations and other specific accreditation requirements.

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