Pioneer the path toward precision oncology—from preclinical to companion diagnostic development

The discovery of genetic biomarkers and their subsequent application in oncology research are paving the path to targeted therapy development and selection, linking genes to disease states and prognosis and, ultimately, more effective treatments. Learn how our targeted next-generation sequencing panel and workflow, as well as our expertly curated bioinformatics database and services, help deliver powerful solutions for drug and companion diagnostic development.

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Oncomine® Cancer Research Panel* and Workflow

The Oncomine® Cancer Research Panel* and Workflow is a comprehensive, multi-biomarker next-generation sequencing assay enabling concurrent analysis of DNA and RNA in one workflow, and requiring minimal starting FFPE-extracted nucleic acid material. This unique biomarker panel could serve as your universal test for multiple oncology drug and companion diagnostic development programs.


Compendia Bioscience™ Bioinformatics Services

The Compendia Bioscience™ Bioinformatics Services team of highly experienced PhD-level scientists is ready to help you apply cancer informatics to the drug discovery and development continuum. Learn about how our team of translational bioinformatics experts can harness cancer genomic data and computational biology to help transform your oncology drug development efforts.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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World CDx Boston, MA Sep 23-25, 2014
Cancer: Research, Discovery and Therapeutics (hosted by BioConference Live) Virtual Oct 29-30, 2014
Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Meeting National Harbor, MD Nov 13-15, 2014