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CloningBench is designed to provide you with useful and essential tools to help guide your cloning experiments. Join over 20,000 users and supercharge your cloning success at the bench with this free mobile app.

What’s new in CloningBench 2.0

  • Completely redesigned and optimized for iOS8 and iPhone 6
  • More intuitive and simplified user interface makes calculations easier with answers display in real time
  • Finding the right competent cell strain is now even easier using new application, strain, format and type (chemical or electrocompetent) filters
  • And more!

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CloningBench features

Restriction Enzyme Finder
Search by cut-site, name or buffer type, obtain technical data

Double Digest Finder
Find the correct buffer and concentration when digesting DNA with two restriction enzymes.

Competent Cell Selection Guide
Quickly find the right competent cell for your cloning application

Nucleic acid concentration calculator
Calculate the concentration of Nucleic Acids according to their optical density

  Vector to Insert Molar Ratios Calculator
Calculate the quantity of insert required for a 1:1 molar ratio

Molar Quantities Calculator
Convert molar concentration into molar quantities and vice versa

Bacterial Growth Timer
Determine the time it takes for a bacterial culture to reach a desired optical density

Gene Size Estimator
Estimate the size of a gene from a known protein size and vice versa

Mobile Apps


CloningBench is designed to provide you with useful and essential tools to help guide your cloning experiments. Join over 20,000 users and supercharge your cloning success at the bench with this free mobile app.

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PCR Essentials
Find product information on Taq polymerases, dNTP, gels and stains, RT-PCR products, cDNA products, and master mixes. Also included is a convenient master mix calculator for quick mix calculations.

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Gibco® Cell Culture Companion
Capture and store vital experiment information on your iPhone or iPad in the lab as you count cells, perform cell culture calculations and generate growth curves. And when you're finished, you can export all data files to your Mac or PC.

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Flow Cytometry Guide & Protocols
From apoptosis to microbiology, easily find reagents and protocols in this rich flow cytometry mobile app.

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TaqMan Game
The TaqMan® Game puts you at the molecular level in a fast-moving match game designed for scientists. Immerse yourself in a virtual polymerase chain reaction (PCR) by matching TaqMan® primer and probe sets to complementary DNA strand sequences. Act fast before time runs out! Your score depends on how quickly you match TaqMan® primer and probe sets to their DNA targets.

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Real-Time PCR
Real-time PCR iOS Application is designed to provide a collection of easy-to-use real-time PCR resources, is an excellent learning tool for researchers new to real-time PCR and a comprehensive reference for researchers already experienced with the techniques. The application’s main feature is a real-time PCR handbook covering all aspects of real-time PCR from the basics of how the technology works to data analysis and interpretation.

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Cell Imaging Guide with Protocols
Find fluorescent dyes, reagents and protocols for cell biology related fluorescence microscopy applications.

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Fluorescence SpectraViewer
Plot and compare spectra, check the spectral compatibility for fluorophores and email the configuration to yourself in a clear printable format.

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3D Cell
Learn about the cell and all its structures, enjoy the ability to rotate the cell 360 degrees, and watch live cell videos.

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DailyCalcs Science Calculator
Calculate molarity, dilution, molecular weight, and more with the new DailyCalcs Science Calculator—absolutely free.

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Desktop Apps and Plug-ins

Alexa Fluor® Selection Guide screen
Alexa Fluor® Selection Guide

This handy app serves as a quick reference guide for selecting the perfect Alexa Fluor® dye for your research.

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PubGo graphic


PubGo® is a plugin for use with Adobe® Reader®/Acrobat® software that is designed to enhance the publication-reading experience by overlaying additional useful information. Currently, the plugin identifies products mentioned in the publication and provides links to detailed product information on our website, as well as links to other vendor websites.

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