Photo: When Pigs Fly

The latest Life Technologies ad has landed at the San Diego International Airport. While waiting for your flight you can get up close and personal with a drosophila fly, a pig, a rainbow and some algea and learn how these seemingly non-scientific creatures and elements are truly impacting science today and helping lead us all to the discoveries of tomorrow.Read More

Date Posted: 03/19/10

Video: Lessons from the Pandemic: Influenza A (H1N1) and the Biotech Industry

One year ago this April, a new and deadly flu emerged in Mexico that would prove to be one of the most pervasive and virulent influenza strains to emerge in 100 years. As we approach the year anniversary of swine flu entering the public lexicon, join BIOCOM as we hear from influenza experts and discuss lessons learned from this pandemic. How did public health agencies from around the world handle the outbreak? How will vaccine production be handled in the future? And what does the biotech industry need to do better to ensure its ability to respond to public health emergencies like this in the future?Read More

Date Posted: 03/17/10