Blog: Scientists, Journalists Receive In-Depth Introduction to Latest Ion Torrent Technology During Ion Proton Sequencer™ Launch in Mexico City

Ion Proton Sequencer™

Ion Proton Introduced to Latin America More than 160 researchers and journalists from Mexico gathered to learn about the latest innovative offerings from Life Technologies, beginning with the Latin American launch of the Ion Proton Sequencer™ during a two-day event that included a press conference and a scientific briefing in Mexico City this week.Read More

Date Posted: 10/19/12

Blog: Over 30 Sites and 300 Scientists Participated in a Live Streamed Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) Event

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

In September we hosted a live induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) event which was streamed from our Life Technologies Customer Experience Centre in Glasgow to over 30 sites and over 300 scientists in Europe, at the same time!Read More

Date Posted: 10/18/12

Blog: Ion Proton Launches in Mexico City

Ion Proton

Today Life Technologies launched the Ion Proton in Mexico City. A few members of the research community in Mexico attended the launch. This blog post highlights some of the comments made about the Ion Proton technology during the event.Read More

Date Posted: 10/17/12

Blog: Genetic Profiling for Blood Brain Barrier Diseases

Genetic Profiling

Dr. Joel Pachter, Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Connecticut Health Center discusses how he was able to genetically profile micro-vessels to monitor changes during the progression of inflammatory diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.Read More

Date Posted: 10/16/12

Blog: Generating Virus-free and Integration-free Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Using Episomal iPSC Reprogramming

If you are unable to use a viral method for iPSC generation, episomal vectors are your next best choice. With episomal vectors, good reprogramming efficiency with multiple somatic cell types can be achieved with a single application.Read More

Date Posted: 10/12/12

Blog: VelaDx Signs Agreement with Life Technologies to Develop IVD Tests on Ion PGM Sequencer; Semiconductor Sequencing Brings Unprecedented Power to Diagnostic Tests to Transform Personalized Medicine

New Agreement

VelaDx Signs Agreement with Life Technologies - Life Technologies and VelaDx have entered into a license and supply agreement that will give VelaDx rights to develop and market next generation sequencing-based, in vitro diagnostic tests on the Ion PGM (Personal Genome Machine™) platform. VelaDx will seek approvals from global regulatory authorities for clinical diagnostic tests in oncology and infectious disease. Read More

Date Posted: 10/09/12

Blog: Precise Genome Editing for Plant Engineering with GeneArt® Precision TALs

Life Technologies’ TAL Effector Proteins Called a “Game Changer” in Agriculture

Life Technologies recently launched the GeneArt® Precision TALs, generally referred to as TAL effector proteins (TALE), which allow plant researchers the ability to edit genomes and control gene activity.Read More

Date Posted: 10/09/12

Blog: Life Technologies Acquires Compendia Bioscience

New Acquisition

Today Life Technologies announced the acquisition of Compendia Bioscience, a preeminent cancer bioinformatics company widely used by the pharmaceutical industry to identify novel gene targets for drug discovery and development. Its deep oncology expertise and high-value, proprietary assets enhance Life’s diagnostic development capabilities across multiple platforms, including next-generation sequencing, qPCR and proteome analysis.Read More

Date Posted: 10/08/12

Blog: Week in Review: October 5, 2012

Stories of the Week

This is a collection of a few Life Technologies stories from this week that you may have missed about the Olympics, genome sequencing, HLA sequence-based typing, and induced pluripotent stem cells. Read More

Date Posted: 10/05/12

Blog: New Video: FLoid® Click. Print. Love Your Cell Imaging

FLoid® Cell Imaging Station

FLoid® Cell Imaging Station has many features to fall in love with. This entertaining video points them out. What's your favorite FLoid® feature?Read More

Date Posted: 10/04/12