Blog: Stem Cell FAQ: What are Pluripotent Stem Cells, How to Maintain Them and Using Essential 8™ Medium

Stem Cell FAQs

This week, we start with the basics. What are Pluripotent Stem Cells, how to maintain them and culturing with Essential 8™ Medium. Read More

Date Posted: 09/24/12

Blog: Life Technologies was Presented with a Stevie® Award in The 10th Annual American Business Awards Ceremony this Week

Winners in ABA’s First Tech and New Product Awards

This week The American Business Awards presented Life Technologies with a Stevie Award. The collection of nominees consisted of more than 3,000 organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry.Read More

Date Posted: 09/21/12

Blog: Life Technologies’ New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in China Provides Forensics Labs Rapid Access to World-Leading DNA Testing Solutions

New Announcement

Life Technologies has completed a state-of-the-art facility in Beijing where the most advanced DNA testing solutions will be manufactured and readily available to help forensics labs and law enforcement agencies solve crimes more cost effectively in China.Read More

Date Posted: 09/19/12

Blog: Life Technologies to Partner with Bristol-Myers Squibb for Companion Diagnostics Development

New Partnership

Life Technologies has entered into a Master Development Agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company for current and future companion diagnostics projects. The current agreement constitutes the second collaboration between the two companies and represents another step in Life Technologies’ strategy to develop its diagnostic business through internal development, partnerships and select acquisitions.Read More

Date Posted: 09/18/12

Blog: LifeLab™ Pluripotent Stem Cell Training Workshops

New Training

Whether you are new to pluripotent stem cell research or would like a refresher course, our LifeLab™ Stem Cell Research Centers provide hands-on training to expand your skill set. Read More

Date Posted: 09/13/12

Blog: Ion World 2012

Final Speakers & Agenda

Will you be attending Ion World tomorrow? It is the eve of Ion World 2012. This exciting event will bring together a community of scientists performing cutting-edge research across the full landscape of genomics. Here's what to expect...Read More

Date Posted: 09/12/12

Blog: Life Technologies Recognized as One of America’s Safest Companies

Life Technologies Makes Prestigious List of Safe Companies

EHS Today magazine has named Life Technologies one of America’s Safest Companies for 2012. One of only eight recipients, this marks the first time the company has applied for and been included on this prestigious list.Read More

Date Posted: 09/11/12

Blog: Norio Nakatsuji is the Gibco® Hero of the Month

Founding Director and Professor, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences Kyoto University (WPI-iCeMS)

Professor Nakatsuji graduated from School of Science of Kyoto University in 1972. After earning his Doctor of Science from the Graduate School of Science of Kyoto University in 1977, he spent some years at Umea University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, George Washington University and University of London.Read More

Date Posted: 09/10/12

Blog: The Foundation - Coming Soon!

New film by Life Technologies

A biotech thriller film starring YOU and your lab mates is coming soon! Get an early access pass.Read More

Date Posted: 09/07/12

Blog: New Torrent Suite Software Provides Highest Accuracy and 400 Base Pair Kits Deliver Broader Applications for Ion Semiconductor Sequencing

99.99+% consensus accuracy achieved across entire AmpliSeq™ portfolio

99.99+% Consensus Accuracy Across AmpliSeq™ Portfolio - Another major advancement in the performance trajectory of the Ion AmpliSeq Technology was announced earlier this morning. The new Torrent Suite Software v3.0 now consistently delivers 99.99+% consensus accuracy for both short and long homopolymer regions, and increases...Read More

Date Posted: 09/06/12