Blog: How to Subculture (or Passage) Primary Cells

New Video

Tech Tips - Once you've established your primary cell culture, you might want to subculture or passage your cells. This video has a few tips and tricks to help you subculture or passage cells successfully. Read More

Date Posted: 09/05/12

Blog: What is a Gene Array?

Gene Array Analysis

What is a Gene Array? - A gene array is a solid support upon which a collection of gene-specific nucleic acids have been placed at defined locations, either by spotting or direct synthesis. In array analysis...Read More

Date Posted: 09/04/12

Blog: Video: Gibco 50th Anniversary in the News

Employee Scott Baird is Interviewed

Gibco 50th Anniversary News Clip - Watch a video of the news clip from a television station that interviewed Life Technologies site leader Scott Baird. In this interview he explains how working for Life Technologies hits home strongly each day. Read More

Date Posted: 08/30/12

Blog: Life Technologies and Sino Biological Inc. Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement for Global Distribution and Product Development

Partnership Establishes Leadership Position in Proteomics Markets, China and Worldwide

Sino Biological Inc. Partnership - Sino Biological Inc., a leading Chinese biotech company and Life Technologies have formed a partnership for worldwide product distribution and product development. Life Technologies will distribute Sino Biological's extensive portfolio of... Read More

Date Posted: 08/30/12

Blog: Lab in a Mini on Tour to Support DNA Sequencing for All

Life's Great Adventure

The Life Technologies Mini Lab Tour - kicked off across the UK featuring a fully functional benchtop Personal Genome Machine (PGM) for DNA sequencing nestled in the trunk of a Mini.Read More

Date Posted: 08/29/12

Blog: What is Cell Morphology in a Cell Culture?

Cell Culture Contamination

Cell Morphology Presentation
Checking cells for morphology helps detect any early signs of contamination enabling researchers the ability to contain it before it spreads to other cultures around the laboratory. Learn how to inspect your cell culture in this brief presentation with visual examples. Read More

Date Posted: 08/28/12

Blog: Understanding PCR Efficiency and How to Properly Measure it in Assays

Ask TaqMan®

Understanding PCR Efficiency - The Life Technologies staff of scientists are participating in a new project called, “Ask TaqMan®.” Customers ask questions and our scientists answer them. Here is a tip about PCR efficiency from the Ask TaqMan® series. Read More

Date Posted: 08/27/12

Blog: Meet the Developers of the FLoid® Cell Imaging System

A Candid Recap of the Brainstorming for Creating FLoid®

Mike O'Grady and George Hanson - developers of the FLoid® Cell Imaging Station, discuss how their own frustrations with fluorescence microscopy generated the ideas that resulted in the development of FLoid®Read More

Date Posted: 08/23/12

Blog: Cancer-Associated Cell Signaling Research Chat: Novex Immunoassay Solutions

Cancer Research

Cell Signaling - This Friday Life Technologies will be hosting a live chat with Scientists Dr. David Bourdon and Dr. Jeff Rossio as presenters highlighting key capabilities and benefits of Novex immunoassay tools in the context of cell signaling and the study of cancer biology. Read More

Date Posted: 08/22/12

Blog: Why is Oligo Purification Needed Sometimes?

DNA Oligonucleotides

Oligos - are made using a DNA synthesizer, a computer-controlled reagent delivery system. DNA is synthesized in the 3’ ⇒ 5’ direction, and each base addition is accomplished through a series of... Read More

Date Posted: 08/20/12