Blog: Life Technologies Develops Simplified SAME-DAY STEC Solution for Detecting Multiple Strains of E. coli in Ground Beef

Partnership with USDA-FSIS Enables Same-day Detection and Accurate Results

New E. coli Solution - Life Technologies has developed a complete rapid molecular testing workflow for multiple strains of pathogenic Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli (STEC), a bacteria found in undercooked beef.Read More

Date Posted: 07/23/12

Blog: Life Technologies Signs Collaborative Agreement with Structural Genomics Consortium to Develop First Antibody Master Set for Epigenetic Studies

Pioneering joint venture releases 58 of 200 planned, highly-specific recombinant antibodies

New Collaborative Agreement - Life Technologies has signed a collaborative partnership with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC), and several groups of leading expert scientists in antibody technology at the Universities of Chicago and Toronto, to generate a first-ever master set of quality epigenetic recombinant antibodies for use in disease-related research. Read More

Date Posted: 07/20/12

Blog: Life Technologies Moving "Off the Grid" with Clean Energy Fuel Cells


Energy Efficiency Announcement - Life Technologies will use a fuel cell system to self-generate electricity at the company headquarters in Carlsbad, California. The Bloom Energy fuel cell system will begin operating in August and will reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent, increase energy reliability while also delivering cost savings.Read More

Date Posted: 07/19/12

Blog: Acquisition of Navigenics Expands Life Technologies' Capabilities in Diagnostics

Life Technologies Acquires Navigenics, Inc.

Life Technologies Announced - the acquisition of Navigenics, Inc. This acquisition represents the first step in executing against a strategy to build out its molecular diagnostics business through internal development, partnerships and select acquisitions.Read More

Date Posted: 07/17/12

Blog: Ethical Corporation Names Life Technologies' First CSO Sustainability Executive of the Year

Cristina Amorim recognized for leadership in driving strategic sustainability initiatives during annual awards ceremony in London

Chief Sustainability Officer, Cristina Amorim - has been named Sustainability Executive of the Year at the Ethical Corporation's annual Responsible Business Forum awards ceremony. She received the honor in recognition for her strategic role in Life's emergence as a Corporate Social Responsibility leader.Read More

Date Posted: 07/11/12

Photo: What is Autophagy | The Process of Autophagy


The Process of Autophagy - begins with the formation and elongation of isolation membranes, or phagophores. The cytoplasmic cargo is then sequestered, and the double-membrane autophagosome fuses with a lysosome to generate the autolysosome. Finally, degradation is achieved through the action of hydrolytic enzymes within the autolysosome.Read More

Date Posted: 07/09/12

Blog: Gibco Hero for the Month of July - Dr. Zatz

Gibco 50th Anniversary

Congratulations Gibco Hero of the Month Dr. Zatz - We are proud to have Dr. Zatz featured as our “Cell Culture Hero” for the month of July. She is the professor and coordinator at the Genome Center Studies Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In addition to groundbreaking research, Dr. Zatz has been a champion of education and at the forefront of several key legislations that will help provide additional funding for scientific research in Latin America.Read More

Date Posted: 07/03/12

Photo: Science up Close: An Active Nerve Cell

The Art of Science

Science up Close
It's been said that there are more nerve cells in the human brain than there are stars in the Milky Way. Here is a beautiful display of one active nerve cell up close. Click read all to see a larger view of this amazing image. Read More

Date Posted: 06/27/12

Video: New Video: Advances in Stem Cell Research

The Cost of Variability in iPS Cell Culture

New Video - In this short video, Dr Nuwaysir discusses the current challenges in iPS cell research, reproducibility and how variability in cell culture media is...Read More

Date Posted: 06/26/12

Video: Congratulations to the Ambion Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Excellence

Industry Week - recognized 10 of the best plants in North America with the Life Technologies Ambion plant being one of them. They were looking for plants that drive continuous improvement, quality product, and plants that have made transformational changes in the way they do business; with the ability to sustain those changes over a large time period.Read More

Date Posted: 06/25/12