Video: Life Technololgies Global Volunteer Day 2012

Giving Back at Life

Today is Global Volunteer Day - at Life Technologies. One day a year we close our laptops, put down the pipettes and hang up the white coats to go out into our local communities to volunteer. This is a special day because this globally coordinated event occurs at all of our locations around the world at the same time.Read More

Date Posted: 05/04/12

Video: BioTechnical Institute of Maryland Giving Forward

Thank you BTI

Timothy Fawcett, PhD - is currently the Director of the BioTechnical Institute of Maryland. He plays a significant role in removing barriers to entry into the scientific field for people that might not otherwise have the opportunity to begin a career in science. Read More

Date Posted: 05/03/12

Blog: Bubbles in Mounted Slides?

How to prevent bubbles on mounted slides

Tiny Bubbles - great for a song title, but not so great for wet slides. Avoid air bubbles in the coverslips of mounted slides by learning why wet slides get bubbles and tips for preventing them.Read More

Date Posted: 05/02/12

Blog: Integration-Free iPS Cells with a Single Transduction & Streamlined Workflow

Easy, fast, streamlined iPSC generation

Dr. Uma Lakshmipathy a Sr. Staff Scientist, Biology presented work - on the creation of integration-free induced pluripotent stem cells with the CytoTune™ -iPS Reprogramming Kit. This kit provides an extremely streamlined process for the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells. The four Yamanaka factors (Oct3⁄4, Sox2, Klf4, and cMyc) included in the kit can be transduced overnight creating a simple efficient workflow. Read More

Date Posted: 05/01/12

Blog: Detecting Marine Photosynthetic Picoplankton with Flow Cytometry

Environmental Microbiology

Flow Cytometry - is a powerful tool for studying the biology, ecology, and biogeochemistry of marine photosynthetic picoplankton. These organisms are intrinsically fluorescent due to their photopigment content, and differences in photopigment composition can be used to distinguish the various groups.Read More

Date Posted: 04/30/12

Photo: Unravel DNA with Life Technologies at The Science and Engineering Festival

2012 Science and Engineering Festival

Visit Life Technologies at Hall A, Booth # 2823 - If in the area, stop by to learn how to decode the mysteries of DNA with Life Technologies. See how DNA sequencing is used in real world applications such as in the conservation of Cheetahs in Namibia, forensic analysis to help identify mummies and medical developments for tissue typing and pathogen detection (like ecoli).Read More

Date Posted: 04/27/12

Video: Dry Western Blot vs. Wet Western Blot

New video

Western Blot Showdown - Life Technologies has released a new dry western blotting video that is a playful look at a dry western blot vs. a wet blot. Did you know you can perform a western protein transfer without buffer in 7 minutes? Watch this video to see a comical take on how it's done. Read More

Date Posted: 04/27/12

Blog: Real-Time qRT-PCR Troubleshooting - Top Ten Most Common Pitfalls

RT-qPCR Tech Tips

Need Help With RT-qPCR? - Having problems with your gene expression or SNP genotyping experiments? Do your amplification curves look sigmoidal? No fear. Here are 10 common pitfalls you may face during RT-qPCR.Read More

Date Posted: 04/26/12

Photo: Happy DNA Day!

Celebrate DNA discovery

A Reflection on This Day in 1953 - Whether you celebrated on April 20th or today the 25th we hope that all researchers enjoy this day of reflection on all the progress that has been made in the world of genomics since that earth shattering day in 1953 when James Watson and Francis Crick went public with their findings. Read More

Date Posted: 04/25/12

Blog: Human Cell Engineering: Cellular Reprogramming and Genome Editing

Download this paper for free!

Developments in Cell Reprogramming - The recent success in reprogramming somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells that are self-renewable in culture, coupled with our increasing ability to effect precise and pre-designed geonomic editing, now readily permits cellular changes at both the genetic and epigenetic levels. Read More

Date Posted: 04/24/12