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Developed with input from our customers, GeneMapper® ID-X v1.5 software helps save time and increase workflow efficiency in a forensic laboratory. This updated version helps reduce manual effort in database uploading and offers better integration capabilities with third-party systems.

The GeneMapper® ID-X platform is recognized as the industry standard for forensic data analysis and is a National DNA Index System (NDIS) approved expert system.

Feature Benefit
Microsoft® Windows® 7, 64-bit compatible Supports this popular IT upgrade
Automated key software operations Help reduce time and effort needed to transfer data to laboratory information management systems (LIMS) through automated export of individual sample plot PDFs and ability to create and split projects.
Support for CODIS CMF v3.2 (R13) specification Helps reduce manual labor and transcription errors between GeneMapper® ID-X and CODIS upload.
Enhanced contamination assessment functionality Helps enable a robust reference check with less effort through the ability to import legacy reference profiles and export comparison results for further data analysis and reporting.

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GeneMapper® ID-X  v1.5 software is validated for GlobalFiler® and Yfiler® Plus data.

Trusted GeneMapper® ID-X capabilities stay the same

Easy analysis summary

This feature provides a quick snapshot of data analysis results. Separate sections of the summary indicate the analysis outcome for allelic ladders, controls (positive, negative, and custom controls), and unknown samples. .

The summary is interactive and links results to a specific category of samples.

Comprehensive quality check system

GeneMapper® ID-X incorporates a comprehensive quality value system which analysts can use to quickly identify quality issues and aid in data interpretation.

Some of the important process quality values (PQVs) include:

Peak height ratio Off-scale peak detection Spike detection
Composite genotype quality Off-ladder allele detection Minimum & maximum peak height

Security features

GeneMapper® ID-X Software offers comprehensive auditing, security, and e-signature capability. Multiple user accounts can be established which limit user access to a particular set of data and/or restrict certain software operations.

The chain of custody features assist labs to be compliant with ISO 17025 control of records requirements.

GeneMapper® ID-X v1.5 product listing

GeneMapper® ID-X software is for Research, Forensic or Paternity and Cell Line Authentication. Not for use in Diagnostic and Therapeutic applications. Yfiler® Kits and GlobalFiler® kits are for Forensic or Paternity Use Only.

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