Casework Screening for Greater Efficiency

It’s well established that better forensic sample collection and submissions policies lead to more effective, efficient investigative programs.

An effective screening tool, like the ParaDNA® Screening System, can be employed early in the evidence collection and submission process to help identify the most appropriate samples for further analysis.

The ParaDNA® Screening System has many potential benefits for an entire forensic program, including:

  • Reducing your backlog—identify the samples most likely to generate probative information. This can help reduce the volume of samples submitted to the laboratory, and streamline the processing queue.

  • Using your investigative resources more effectively—identify the most appropriate samples for trained analysts to process.

  • Generating more confidence in sample submissions—provide additional objective sample information about the quality, and likely sources of human DNA present in the sample. This information can help prioritize the samples available for analysis, and support decisions made during sample submission to the laboratory.


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