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In a complex world of producing biologics-based therapeutics and vaccines, you need a partner that’s as focused as you are on your bottom line. With applications that span the drug development process—from drug discovery through large-scale commercial production—we provide a broad range of Life Technologies™ and Thermo Scientific™ products including single-use technologies as well as analytical instruments, labware and safety consumables, cell culture media, centrifugation, purification, and analytics for detection of process/product impurities and contaminants.

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Applied Biosystems® SEQ Rapid Molecular Methods
Enhance productivity through accurate, sensitive detection and identification of contaminants

Gibco® offers a full array of innovative performance products and knowledge-based services helping accelerate timelines and maximize performance.

Single-use technologies help to address the specialized needs of biotherapeutic development and manufacturing.

Increase bioseparation efficiency and process yield

Perform bioseparation and life science applications with greater stability, affinity, and selectivity

Dynal beads enable the best technology choice with a very high signal-to-noise ratio, fast kinetics and high capacity with excellent quality and reproducibility, both within and between lots.

Gibco® PD-Direct® Services provides contract services from Life Technologies™ to solve cell line, media and process development challenges.


From cell line development through cell culture expansion, downstream purification and final product testing.


Microbial protein expression includes cloning and transformation through fermentation, downstream purification and product testing.

Viral vaccine production expression development, through downstream purification and final product testing,

Cell collection, through cell isolation, cell culture and modification, final formulation, cellular and stem cell production.

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