SF-900 III
  • Low hydrolysate concentration — reduces cell culture variability
  • Animal origin-free — facilitates the regulatory process
  • Optimized to support Sf9 and Sf21 cells — achieves Sf9 densities of 10-14 X106 cells/ml

Experience the difference with Sf-900™ III SFM

Gibco® Sf-900™ III SFM is specifically designed to offer high performance and yield using Sf9 and Sf21 cells in both baculovirus and stable expression systems in a serum-free environment. This medium contains no components of animal origin, thus minimizing the opportunity for introduction of adventitious agents and facilitating the regulatory process. It will support Sf9 cell growth to densities of 10 to 14 × 106 cells/ml (Figure 1) and offers:

  • A protein-free formulation with a low hydrolysate concentration, for improved lot-to-lot consistency and reliability
  • Freedom to add the supplements you need for flexibility and control over your process
  • Convenient packaging in Gibco bottles (500mL and 1000mL) and Universal Bags (10L and 20L)
  • Compatibility with available pre-adapted cells for faster turnaround

Figure 1. Sf9 cell growth in Sf-900™ III SFM compared to other insect cell culture media.
Sf9 cells were sequentially adapted to all three tested animal origin–free (AOF) media (Sf-900™ III SFM, EX-CELL® TiterHigh™ medium, ESF AF medium) and Sf-900™ II SFM. Once the cells were adapted to each test medium (a total of 8 passages post-recovery), growth curves were determined by seeding 30 mL of medium in 125 mL shake flasks at a seeding density of 4 × 105 viable cells/mL. Each test condition represents the average of two lots of the respective medium with two replicates each (a total of four replicates per test condition).

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12658027 Sf-900™ III SFM 1,000 mL USD 81.75
12658035 Sf-900™ III SFM 10 L USD 750.00
12659017 Sf9 cells in Sf-900™ III SFM 1 vial USD 315.00
12682019 Sf21 cells in Sf-900™ III SFM 1 vial USD 330.00
12658001 Sf-900™ III SFM 20 L USD 1,362.00