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We offer powerful and versatile Invitrogen™ cloning and expression vectors, GeneArt® gene synthesis and assembly tools, and molecular biology essentials for that critical first step in your experiment. Unsure where to start?

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5-minute, room-temperature cloning with no gel purification or post-PCR modifications & up to 95% recombinants with TOPO® cloning

High-efficiency cloning of blunt-ends using Zero Blunt® cloning kits.

Easily clone fragments using TOPO XL® & GeneArt® Seamless Cloning technology

TA cloning technology relies on the complimentary of thymine & adenine. Enhanced with ExpressLink™ T4 DNA Ligase.

Choose from a range of restriction & modifying enzymes & new, fast ligase.

A variety of scales, formats, modifications, & purifications to meet your cloning needs..

Industry-leading sequence analysis & data management software.

Combining the convenience of the Invitrogen™ online ordering system, with cutting-edge GeneArt® service offerings

Based on Type IIs restriction enzymes for non-recombination-based cloning of multiple DNA inserts.

Gateway® recombination cloning technology allows gene shuttling, enabling you to access virtually any expression system.

Choose competent cells based on application, strain, packaging format & transformation efficiency.

PCR enzymes for any application: high fidelity, high specificity, long fragment, GC rich, genotyping, or routine PCR

Clone up to 10 DNA fragments simultaneously; assemble existing fragments without restriction digest or PCR amplification.

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We offer everything from custom vector design to high-throughput protein expression.

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