The GeneArt® Gene Synthesis service provides DNA synthesis, assembly, and cloning for biotechnology researchers in fields such as pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, basic research, and biofuels.

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By synthesizing sequences rather than cloning them from natural sources, you can design genes to fit your precise requirements—for example, by adding or removing restriction enzyme sites, optimizing the sequence for maximum protein yield, or removing introns. With experience in optimizing genes for all major expression systems and advanced optimization and production processes, the GeneArt® Gene Synthesis service offers rapid delivery of synthetic gene constructs capable of expressing maximum protein quantities with up to 100 fold yield.

Gene Length Production time (business days)
Standard* Express* SuperSPEED***
≤1,200 bp** 9 7 5
1,201**–1,800 bp 14 12 7
1,801–3,000 bp 14 12 n/a
3,001–5,000 bp 19 17 n/a
>5,000 bp Get a quote Get a quote n/a
Complex sequences Get a quote Get a quote n/a

*Valid for standard gene synthesis (non-complex, GC content 10% - 80%).

**In case of GC content of 10% - 20%  or 75% - 80%: 1,000 bp instead of 1,200 bp.

***Subject to sequence assessment. Order must be placed by 3:00 p.m. CET.

Please note: Rarely, requested sequences are found to be toxic and/or genetically unstable. These production times are only valid for nontoxic sequences that are genetically stable in E. coli.

Synthetic genes remove the constraints of traditional cloning:

  • Design exactly the sequence you need—clone in silico
  • Place functional domains where you need them—ultimate flexibility
  • Insert or remove restriction enzyme sites as needed
  • Shuffle epitopes without complicated enzyme digestion/ligation strategies or tricky PCR fusion experiments
  • Engineer immunomodulatory CpG motifs—help provide predictable response

Standard Gene Synthesis

Standard gene synthesis uses our highly automated process with turnaround times starting at just 10 business days, depending on sequence length (quicker options available). It is appropriate for most constructs under ~3,000 bp, with uncomplicated secondary structure and without direct/indirect repeats or long polypurine/polypyrimidine runs. Like all GeneArt® Gene Synthesis services, standard  gene synthesis includes the following components to help assure that your construct meets all of your research, quality, and documentation requirements.

  • GeneOptimizer® sequence optimization
  • GeneAssembler® high-speed assembly
  • Online process tracking with GeneObserver™ 100% sequence-match assurance
  • Complete documentation

Configure your project

Complex Gene Synthesis

Genes and sequences with challenging features such as complex secondary structure, repetitive sequences (direct or indirect), high (>80%) or low (<20%) GC content, or long polypurine/polypyrimidine runs cannot be synthesized using our standard process. For these projects, we have developed a unique proprietary technology that employs specially modified and purified oligonucleotides, and more sophisticated gene assembly methods.

Using this advanced technology, even relatively complex sequences can be synthesized and assembled rapidly and reliably (see Figures 1 and 2). In many cases these projects can be completed and shipped with the same turnaround time as our conventional gene synthesis projects.

For details on our Complex Gene Synthesis service, including a price and delivery estimate, send your sequence for analysis by going to our secure online customer portal.

Figure 1

Example Sequence With Repetitive Gene Structure. Shown is a dot matrix plot of an example of a gene with areas of repetetive sequence. The nucleotide sequence is plotted on horizontal and vertical axes. Sections with similar sequence (e.g., 9 of 10 identical basepairs) are indicated by a diagonal row of dots.

Figure 2

Example of Sequence with very high GC content. The plot shows the GC content in a 40 bp window centered at the indicated nucleotide position. In this example, ~200 bp of the 5’ end of the sequence has an extremely high GC content.

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