DNA extraction from cells is one of the most widely used molecular biology techniques. This has traditionally been a highly repetitive and labor-intensive procedure, requiring significant time investment, and often involving the use of toxic organic chemicals. Life Technologies has developed purification products that are optimized to provide DNA of maximum yield, purity, and integrity from cultured cells, including cell suspensions using several technology formats; organic extraction, silica spin columns, and magnetic beads. These options provide users with flexibility, throughput, and choice along both the product and price continuum.

Which DNA Extraction From Cells Kit is right for you?

Process the largest amount of tissue Simple, sample lysis to PCR in one well Most versatile; able to handle variety of sample types
RecommendationsMost cited and cost effectiveTop seller
Sample TypesCells, tissueCells, bloodCells, tissue, blood, bacteria
Protocol Time10–30 minutes<45 minutes15 minutes
YieldUp to 70 µg DNA
Up to 50 ng DNA/wellUp to 10 µg DNA
Starting Material1–3 x 107 cells1–2 x 104 cells5 x 106 cells
Isolation TechnologyOrganic ExtractionChargeSwitch® Chemistry, coated 8-well or 96-wellSilica Spin Column
High Throughput CompatibleNoYesNo (option available)
High Throughput/AutomationNAChargeSwitch® Direct 96 PlatesPureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit Plates
Product Size100 mL96 preps (8-well)
1 plate (96-well)
10 plates (96-well)
10 preps
50 preps
250 preps
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PureLink® Genomic DNA Mini Kit 
Higher, more concentrated yields achieved with the PureLink® Genomic DNA Mini Kit.


Other Products of Interest
In addition to DNA and RNA isolation products, Life Technologies offers an expansive portfolio of solutions for analysis and quantitation of tissue and cultured cell genomic DNA.
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