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For over two decades, Ambion® product scientists have developed innovative RNA research products that make your job as a scientist a little easier. The Ambion® product line now also includes Invitrogen™ RNA products. Our goal still is to provide unique and reliable products to solve the problems researchers frequently face when working with RNA.

The ever-expanding portfolio of Ambion® RNA extraction products includes Cells-to-CT™ KitsTRIzol®PureLink®,MagMAX™mirVana™, and Dynabeads® isolation technologies. All products are developed based on our desire for you to have maximum confidence in your results. We also offer RNA Custom Services.

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Western Blot Transfer Single Cell-to-CT™ Kit
  • For single-cell analysis
Protein Ladders and Standards TRIzol® Reagent
  • Prepare high-quality, intact RNA from any biological material
Western Blot Buffers & Accessories mirVana™ miRNA Isolation Kits
  • Rapid isolation of small RNAs
Western Blot Transfer Ambion® Cells-to-CT™ Kits
  • Rapid, simple protocol for RT-PCR sample prep without RNA extraction
Protein Ladders and Standards PureLink® RNA Mini Kit
  • Rapid RNA extraction
Western Blot Buffers & Accessories RNAlater® Solution
  • Fast stabilization of RNA in your samples so you can isolate RNA on your schedule

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