The NCode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System is a fast and reproducible system to directly label endogenous miRNAs with fluorescent tags. Using this system, miRNAs from total RNA samples are labeled with fluorescent Alexa Fluor® dyes and hybridized to microarrays printed with species-specific antisense miRNA probes. This system has been optimized to ensure sensitive and accurate profiling of miRNA expression patterns from minimal RNA input.

Starting with a 250 ng to 5 µg total RNA sample, miRNAs are tagged directly in a quick and easy-to-use protocol with the NCode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System (Figure 1). The protocol takes approximately one hour to complete and consists of just two steps prior to hybridization: polyA tailing; and ligation of a fluorescent dendrimer. After 8-16 hour hybridization, the microarrays are ready to scan and analyze. The dendrimer is a branched structure of single and double stranded DNA conjugated with Alexa Fluor® dyes, and delivers approximately 15 fluors to the sample.

The high sensitivity is due the dendrimer signal amplification technology, ensuring maximum signal-to-background ratios, and strong signal correlation for increased sensitivity.

The Ncode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System is available in both single color (Alexa Fluor® 3) and dual color (Alexa Fluor® 3 and Alexa Fluor® 5) labeling formats.

Using the NCode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System, you can expect:

  • Less time at the bench – a single step hybridization and no miRNA enrichment required
  • Increased sensitivity - reliably detects attamolar levels of miRNA (approximately 2-10 copies per cell)
  • Experiments completed in a single day using the 8 hour hybridization protocol with dynamic hybridization.

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Figure 1. NCode™ Rapid miRNA Labeling System Overview.

*Capture reagents contain 3DNA™ reagent manufactured under license from Genisphere, Inc.