At Life Technologies we are committed to equipping scientists with optimized instruments, reagents, software, and services to help them advance discovery and biological understanding.

An avalanche of DNA and RNA sequence information is accumulating thanks to advanced sequencing technologies. This information has brought even more attention to understanding the meaning and consequences of the incredible amount of variation in genomic DNA and its transcription products. Life Technologies offers strategies and solutions for investigating expression products and genomic diversity using a wide range of technologies to fit the needs of virtually any research laboratory.

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Products for the entire gene expression analysis research workflow from Applied Biosystems® instruments to Invitrogen™ and TaqMan® assays and reagents. Life Technologies supports both conventional real-time PCR and digital PCR approaches.

Obtain microscopic-scale samples for precisely targeted microgenomics using Applied Biosystems® Arcturus® Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) tools.

Life Technologies supports a wide range of approaches for discovering and analyzing genetic variation, and performing genotyping and genomic profiling research.

Find sample labeling systems that employ Molecular Probes® fluorescent dyes, Invitrogen™ SuperScript® reverse transcriptase, and Ambion® RNA amplification systems.