TaqMan® Array cards and plates contain TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays dried down in 384-well TaqMan® Array microfluidic cards and 96-well TaqMan® Array plates, and OpenArray® formats. These formats are suitable for gene expression screening and validation applications that require the analysis of tens to thousands of targets. Choose from a broad selection of pre-configured content or design your own custom array cards or plates.

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Pre-configured (fixed content) TaqMan® Array cards and plates

TaqMan® arrays are pre-configured with the most relevant TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays that target relevant genes for specific biological pathways, processes, or diseases. Click below to explore our offering of preconfigured arrays.

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By biological process

Angiogenesis, DNA repair, more

Endogenous controls

Human, mouse, eukaryotic, more

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If your specific assays are not available as pre-configured TaqMan® Arrays, you can configure your own custom TaqMan® Arrays using the links below, or take advantage of the Custom Plating Service. Contact your local sales representative for further assistance.

Custom TaqMan® Array cards and plates

Custom TaqMan® Array cards and plates are flexible, affordable, and convenient for gene expression analysis screening of biological samples. TaqMan® Assays can be configured into 384-well TaqMan® Array microfluidic cards, or 96-well plates, using our easy ordering interface.

TaqMan® Assays custom plating service

Need a custom TaqMan® Array solution that includes customized TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays, TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays, TaqMan Copy Number Assays, TaqMan® miRNA Assays, or combination assays? The TaqMan® Custom Plating service provides TaqMan® Assays in 96- or 384-well plates, or 384-well microfluidic cards configured to your specifications.

Browse for pre-configured (fixed content) TaqMan® Array cards and plates:

By disease

By pathway

A ABC transporters, AHR, Apoptosis
C cAMP, Cellular apoptosis, CMV MAPK, c-Myc, Complement, CREB
D Drug transporters
E EGF, eNOS signaling, Erythropoeitin
F FAS signaling, FGF
G GAP junctions, GPCR
H Hedgehog, Huntington's disease
I IGF1R signaling, IL-1, IL-10, IL-2, IL-3, IL-4, IL-6, IL-9, ILK signaling, iNOS signaling, Insulin receptor, Interferon, 14-3-3 induced intracellular signaling, Intracellular calcium
M MAP kinase, Melatonin signaling
N NFkB, NGF, nNos signaling, Notch signaling
P P13K signaling, p53 signaling, PDGF, Prion, Protein kinase, PKA signaling
S Signal transduction, SMAD signaling
T T-cell receptor, TGFB, Thrombin signaling, TNF superfamily,TNFR1, TNFR2, Toll, Toll-like receptors
V VEGF, Voltage-gated ion channels

By biological process

A Adhesion molecules, Androgens, Angiogenesis, Antigen processing, Antioxidant mechanisms, Apoptosis
C cAMP-dependent PKACardiogenesis, Cardiomyocyte differentiation, Cell cycle regulation, Cell surface Markers, Chromosomal replication, Cyclins, CYP450, Cytokine network
D DNA damage/repair
E Estrogens, Extracellular matrix
G GPCRs, Growth cone motility, Guidance
H Heat shock proteins, Hematopoiesis, HOX genes, Hypoxia
I Immune response, Inflammation, Ion channels
L Lipids
M Methylation, Microbes
N Neurotransmitters, Nuclear receptors
O Oxygenases
P Phosphodiesterases, Protein kinases, Proteolysis
R RHO family GTPases
S Sperm motility, Stem cell pluripotency
T Telemores, Transcription, Transporters, Tumor metastasis
V Viral pathogens

Instrument compatibility table

Product format/ Instrument StepOne Plus™ StepOne™ 7500 7500 Fast 7900 ViiA7™ QuantStudio™
96-well plate, standard No No 96-well block No 96-well block 96-well block 96-well block
96-well plate, Fast 96-well Fast block No No 96-well Fast block 96-well Fast block 96-well Fast block 96-well Fast block
384-well plate No No No No 384-well block 384-well block 384-well block
Microfluidic cards No No No No TaqMan® Array card block TaqMan® Array card block TaqMan® Array card block
OpenArray® No No No No No No OpenArray® Block
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