Thermo Scientific™ Custom Peptide Synthesis Service offers numerous options for synthesis platforms, purity levels, modifications, and formats to meet a variety of research needs. We synthesize peptides of 4–75 amino acids using the latest FMOC solid-phase technology, and purify our products using HPLC. Synthesis scales range from 0.1 mg to 1 g, and purities from crude to 98%. 

  • Quality—synthesized using pure materials and packaged using ArgonGuard
  • Versatility—a wide range of peptide grades, modifications, scales, and formats
  • Validation—all peptides are analyzed by MS alone with optional analytical HPLC and AAA
  • Enhanced services—IMP service provides traceability and documentation

To order or get a quote, select the product type from the table below to download a quote/order form, and email it to

Select the appropriate custom peptide synthesis service

  Standard peptides PepoTec™ Immuno Peptide Libraries Imject KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service Peptides for targeted quantitation
Primary application Basic research or biomarker discovery Epitope mapping, vaccine development Antibody production Quantitative mass spectrometry
Key features Over 400 modifications available High throughput, low toxicity Ready-to-use KLH-peptide conjugates High quality and concentration precision
Peptide length (amino acids) 6–70† 6–20† 6–25† 6–30† (AQUA);
6–25† (PepoTec™ SRM)
Scale 0.1 mg–1 g 1–4 mg 1–25 mg Multiple scales available
Purity Crude–98% Crude  70–95%  Crude to 97%
QC MALDI MS only (crude) or MALDI MS and HPLC (all other) MS MALDI MS and analytical HPLC MS, Analytical HPLC, AAA (depends on grade)
Delivery time 4–5 weeks 2–3 weeks 4–5 weeks 2–6 weeks
Expedited service available?       Yes
†Please inquire about shorter or longer peptide lengths

Consistent and reproducible sample preparation is a prerequisite for successful mass spectrometry analysys. Our catalog of sample preparation tools includes reagents and kits for each step of the workflow, optimized to maximize abundant protein depletion and to enhance protein and peptide yield. All of our reagents have been validated using Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers.