Maximize soluble protein expression

Invitrogen’s bacterial expression methods maximize soluble protein expression to enable optimal target protein production and purification success

Invitrogen’s Bacterial Expression Service offers a reliable and cost-effective way of expressing your gene of interest in one of the best-understood systems for heterologous protein expression. The system is particularly well-suited for fermentation to increase recombinant protein yield.

Although soluble protein expression in bacteria can be challenging for some targets, Invitrogen can evaluate multiple strains, temperatures, and induction methods over time to optimize soluble protein expression conditions and support up to 100 L production scales.

Protein refolding services
If the target protein is expressed in inclusion bodies, Invitrogen can apply multiple strategies to refold insoluble proteins.

Protein purification services
Affinity, ion exchange, HIC, SEC, and other purification methods employed.


How is Invitrogen’s Bacterial Expression Service different from those of other providers?
Through strain selection, temperature, and induction condition screening, Invitrogen identifies optimal growth conditions before expression scale-up to help ensure maximum protein recovery.

What do I need to provide as starting material?
Invitrogen services can start with your bacterial expression construct or can build the construct as part of the service.