Rapid expression of functional protein

Invitrogen’s mammalian protein expression services utilize serum-free FreeStyle™ 293 and CHO-S cell lines to transiently express your protein.

Producing a functional mammalian protein often necessitates using a mammalian host to ensure proper posttranslational modification and function. Protein expression in Invitrogen’s proprietary serum-free FreeStyle™ 293 and CHO-S suspension systems allows for rapid production of functional, soluble proteins. www.invitrogen.com/freestyle

Small-scale expression studies
Multiple expression time points can be evaluated in FreeStyle™ 293 and CHO-S cell lines simultaneously, to quickly optimize your service expression conditions.

Expression scale-up
From 1 L to 200 L

Protein purification services
Affinity, ion exchange, HIC, SEC, and other purification methods are employed.


What do I need to provide as starting material?
Invitrogen can start with the expression vector you already have, or begin the project by constructing the expression vector for you.

How long will my service take?
Most mammalian expression services are completed in 5–6 weeks.

What does the service deliver?
You will receive purified protein and a comprehensive data report covering the expression and purification.