Rapid expression of large quantities of protein

The advantages of P. Pastoris include rapid growth, a well-defined genetic background, and simple media formulations—all of which make it the ideal host for producing large quantities of protein in a short period of time.

The PichiaPink™ Yeast Expression System contains both low- and high-copy plasmid backbones, 8 secretion signal sequences and 4 yeast strains—all to help you optimize for the highest yield possible from your recombinant protein.

Small scale expression studies

  • Growth of up to 10 recombinant Pichia pastoris.
  • Time-point samples of supernatant and paste harvested every 24 hours during induction phase for each strain (up to 96 hours).
  • Analysis of the supernatant and pellet fraction by SDS/PAGE analysis and western blot.

Expression scale up
From 1 L−100 L scale.

Protein purification services
Affinity, ion exchange, HIC, SEC, and other purification methods employed.


How long does a Pichia expression project typically take?
Complete Pichia Expression Services, from subcloning to expression, require approximately 10-12 weeks for completion.

What are the typical Pichia protein yields when compared to bacterial expression?
Pichia typically expresses 10−100X more protein than the same scale bacterial culture.

What if my gene does not express well?
We have 4 Pichia strains and 8 leader sequences for optimizing expression.