• Ready-to-ship versions of our most popular siRNA collections in 96-well or 384-well plates
  • Three or four individual siRNAs per target for enhanced data reliability
  • Convenient format and quantity—sufficient siRNA for >80 transfections
  • siRNAs designed for maximum potency and specificity
  • Ideal for pathway analysis and target identification and validation

Expedite Gene Function Analysis with Libraries of Effective siRNAs

Increasingly, researchers are harnessing the power of RNAi to better understand gene function. To support this growing demand, Applied Biosystems provides pre-plated sets of premium quality Ambion siRNAs—known as Silencer siRNA Libraries—for performing RNAi experiments in human cell systems. These siRNA collections enable high throughput analysis of phenotypes resulting from inhibition of large sets of targets from specific functional classes or entire genomes.

siRNA Designs That Maximize Specific Silencing

Silencer siRNA Libraries feature combinations of Silencer Pre-designed siRNAs and, when available, Silencer Validated siRNAs in 96 well plates. The design of each siRNA has been carefully optimized to provide potent and specific silencing. Indeed, the siRNA selection process yields siRNAs that are effective at low concentrations, enabling screening experiments at 30 nM siRNA or lower, which minimizes reagent costs and off-target effects.

To ensure specificity, the siRNA design algorithm incorporates a rigorous check of all siRNA sequences against the transcriptome of the organism targeted. This process is accomplished via a modified alignment search tool that effectively identifies short regions of sequence alignment missed by BLAST searches. Sequences that have significant regions of sequence similarity to off-target transcripts are eliminated. Also eliminated are sequences that fall in polymorphic regions (e.g., SNPs) and sequences predicted to invoke an antiviral response. In addition, the siRNA design process incorporates stringent rules to prevent off-strand targeting.

For libraries composed of Next Generation pre-designed & validated siRNAs that incorporate the latest improvements in siRNA design, off-target effect prediction algorithms, and chemical modifications to yield siRNAs with unrivalled efficacy, potency, and specificity, please see Silencer Select siRNA Libraries, 0.25 nmol size.

Library Details

Human and Mouse Druggable Genome siRNA Libraries
The Silencer Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library V3 and Silencer Human Extended Druggable Genome siRNA Library V3 are popular choices for many researchers. Conveniently arranged with siRNAs grouped by gene functional class, these libraries target the most therapeutically relevant genes in the human genome. For those researchers working with mouse cells, we also offer the Silencer Mouse Druggable Genome siRNA Library V3, which targets homologs of the genes targeted by the Silencer Human Druggable Genome siRNA Library. The human and mouse druggable genome siRNA libraries are available in your choice of 96 well or 384 well plates.

Human and Mouse Genome siRNA Libraries
Increasingly, researchers are performing genome scale surveys of gene function. The Silencer Human Genome siRNA Library V3 and the Silencer Mouse Genome siRNA Library V3 are ideal for these purposes. The siRNAs to the druggable portion of these libraries are supplied arranged by gene functional class to enable easy screening of important gene subsets such as kinase, phoshpatase, GPCR, etc. The human and mouse genome siRNA libraries are supplied in 384 well plates.

Human and Mouse Kinase siRNA Libraries
Because of their importance in cell signaling and many biological pathways, kinases are key drug targets and subjects of intense scrutiny. The Silencer Human Kinase siRNA Library V3 targets 719 human kinases with three individual siRNAs per gene. This siRNA library enables systematic, yet cost effective, RNAi studies of these key cell regulators. Validated siRNAs are included for more than half of the genes targeted. A Silencer Mouse Kinase siRNA Library V3 is also available for use with mouse cells. Both the human and mouse kinase siRNA libraries are provided in 96 well plates.

Human Phosphatase siRNA Library
Along with kinases, phosphatases are important regulators of biological pathways and cell signaling cascades. The Silencer Human Phosphatase siRNA Library V3 targets 267 human phosphatases with three individual siRNAs per gene supplied in 96 well plates. This library is the ideal companion to the Silencer Kinase siRNA Library V3, enabling more detailed studies of biological pathways.

Human GPCR siRNA Library

G protein-coupled receptors, or GPCRs, are key components of many signal transduction pathways and also represent an important class of druggable genes. The Silencer Human GPCR siRNA Library V3 targets 381 non-olfactory human GPCRs with 3 siRNAs per target supplied in 96 well plates.

Human Protease, Ion Channel, and Nuclear Hormone Receptor siRNA Libraries
Focused siRNA sets to human proteases, ion channels, and nuclear hormone receptors provide a cost effective means of studying these important regulators of cell function. These siRNA libraries are supplied in 96 well plates.

Individual siRNAs for Enhanced Data Reliability

Silencer siRNA Libraries feature three or four individual siRNAs for each target. Screening with three or more siRNAs per gene significantly decreases both false positive and false negative rates, resulting in enhanced confidence in RNAi screening data, reduced chance of missing important genes, and less time spent following up on false positive hits from the screen.

These libraries contain 0.25 nmol of each siRNA, sufficient for 100 transfections (at 25 nM siRNA, 100 µl transfection volume). The siRNAs are supplied dried into the wells of 96 well or 384 well plates. One column of each 96 well plate and two columns of each 384 well plate is left empty to allow for the addition of controls at the time of use. The libraries are delivered with full siRNA sequence information, as well as the exon targeted and each targeted gene's symbol, full name, aliases, RefSeq number, and Locus ID, plus results from any validation experiments done using the included siRNAs.

Libraries to these or any other list of human, mouse or rat genes can also be provided with 1, 2, or 5 nmol of each siRNA. Custom formatting is available with these larger sizes.

If you would like a gene list or other information, or would like to discuss your research with one of our technical experts, contact your local sales representative or e-mail us at custom.services@invitrogen.com.