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Eight leading European researchers worked together with Life Technologies™ scientists to develop a 22-gene Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panel for lung and colon cancer. View now ›

Leveraging the power of the Ion Community and Ion AmpliSeq™ technology, Life Technologies delivers Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panels. Designed with leading disease researchers, Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panels provide the ability to selectively analyze gene content with the aim of transforming cancer and inherited disease research. Your disease research is greatly simplified with the community wide-availability of these panels. In addition, for maximum flexibility, you will be able to rapidly customize any Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panel to advance clinical research to fit your own project requirements.

Ion AmpliSeq™ panels for research in breast, colon and lung tumor variant detection

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Customize any pre-designed panel to meet your specific research needs

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Panels designed in collaboration with community scientists

Ion AmpliSeq™ Colon and Lung Cancer Research Panel v2 and RNA Fusion Lung Cancer Research Panel (View flyer)
Ion AmpliSeq™ BRCA1 and BRCA2 Panel (View flyer)
Ion AmpliSeq™ CFTR Panel
Ion AmpliSeq™ TP53 Panel (View flyer)
Ion AmpliSeq™ AML Panel
Ion AmpliSeq™ Cardio Panel
Ion AmpliSeq™ RNA Fusion Lung Cancer

Custom panels designed and shared by community scientists

Ion AmpliSeq™ Hearing Loss Research Panel (View reference article )
Ion AmpliSeq™ Dementia Research Gene Panel (View reference article )

Order an Ion AmpliSeq™ community panel

Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panels, designed with input from leading researchers, are available for any lab to order via ampliseq.com:

  1. Sign in or register for a new account at ampliseq.com
  2. Select the Panels tab at the top
  3. Choose "Ion Ampliseq™ community panels" to review panel designs
  4. Add panel to cart and checkout

Product literature:

Ion AmpliSeq™ Community Panels Flyer
Ion AmpliSeq™ Colon and Lung Cancer Research Panel v2 and RNA Fusion Lung Cancer Research Panel Flyer
Ion AmpliSeq™ BRCA1 and BRCA2 Panel Flyer


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.