Life Grand Challenges

WANTED: Brilliant innovator—REWARD: $1 million

Welcome to the Life Grand Challenges, a first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing initiative in the life sciences tools and technology industry. The goal of the $7 million competition is to accelerate innovative solutions to technical life science challenges.

There will be seven individual challenges, each with a $1 million prize. The first four challenges focus on sequencing technology, specifically on the Ion Personal Genome Machine and SOLiD™ System platforms.

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Challenge 1:
Scalability – Twice the bases
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Challenge 2:
Speed – Twice as fast
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Challenge 3:
Accuracy – Twice the accuracy
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Challenge 4:
SOLiD™ Sequencing
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1. Scalability
2. Speed
3. Accuracy
4. SOLiD™ Sequencing