Flexible bioinformatics consulting solutions for your changing needs

In addition to our bioinformatics packages and fixed-price options, we offer hourly consulting services for bioinformatics related IT, data analysis, and training. When you need help planning or designing an experiment, or considering analysis options, our seasoned bioinformatics professionals will consult with you to help ensure that you make full use of the powerful sequencing and analysis tools at your disposal.

Our bioinformaticians have deep domain knowledge in analyzing NGS data across a number of platforms and applications. In addition, we also have experience helping a wide range of different customers overcome their bioinformatics challenges. After an initial discussion regarding your research, we will match you with a bioinformatics professional that possesses knowledge and experience specific to your needs and requirements.

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Our consulting services include:

  • AmpliSeq™ panel design
  • Experimental design consultation
  • Torrent Variant Caller parameter optimization
  • Ion Reporter™ workflow design
  • Ancillary analysis file creation and formatting
  • Additional software/analysis training via Webex
  • Data management consultation