Analyze RNA with Reagents You Can Trust - TechNotes 11(6)
Description: A review of our complete line of nuclease-free electrophoresis markers and reagents.

Markers and Reagents for DNA Analysis - TechNotes 11(6)
Description: Ambion's complete line of products commonly used for DNA analysis.

Purifying Small RNAs: Using Mature MicroRNAs for Microarray Analysis - TechNotes 12(4)
Description: Improve your miRNA microarray results by using the flashPAGE™ Fractionator to obtain mature miRNA from total RNA samples.

Stable Markers for Northern Analysis - TechNotes 8(4)
Description: Markers provided in formamide for increased RNase resistance.

Ultra-Fast Purification of Small Nucleic Acids - TechNotes 12(2)
Description: The flashPAGE™ Fractionator System is the fastest, easiest, and most consistent method for PAGE purification of small nucleic acids.