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EVOS® XL Cell Imaging System

Software Update
ImportantIf your current software revision number is lower than 6849 then update to version 8697 first. (See below for download link)

Release Notes, 15 APR 2013

  • Life Technologies branded user interface.


Software Update REV 21773
Important Installation Instructions

  1. Insert fresh USB drive with at least 50MB available
  2. Right click “Download” link for Software Update
  3. Select “Save Link as”
    NOTE FOR IE USERS: If the file name reads .zip, change to .amg
  4. Select USB Drive and press save (File name should have .amg extension)
  5. Plug the USB stick into the data port on the lower right side of the EVOS® support arm.
  6. Click the Settings button to open the Settings dialog box, and then select the Service tab.
    Note: Changing settings in the Service tab will affect the instrument’s performance. If service beyond the software update is needed, contact your EVOS® distributor. If you do not have your distributor information, contact Technical Support.
  7. Click the Update button in the Service tab. A verification progress bar should appear. If a missing update notification pops up, be sure the USB with the update file is fully plugged in. Click OK and then click the Update button again.
  8. After file verification, an update permission dialog will pop up. Check the revision details and click Yes to start the update.
  9. The screen will display update progress. When the update is complete, the main EVOS® screen will reappear.

Download Installation Instructions

Software Update
Important: This update is required if your current software is lower than 6849

Release Notes, 30 JUN 2010
Various minor fixes.

Download Software Update REV 8697

Download Installation Instructions for REV 8697

Technical Documents

Download User Guide: 15 JUN 12 For EVOS® XL transmitted light models, updated for latest software release.
Download Quick Start Guide: 15 JUN 12 For EVOS® XL transmitted light models, updated for latest software release.